Our 10-year mission to support 1 million youth in their pursuit of inclusive and sustainable jobs in the green and blue economy

The global climate crisis is transforming the global economy, 这对未来的工作也有影响. 这一转变, 同时导致一些人失业和改变, also comes with a great economic opportunity: The International Labour Organization (ILO) predicts a 净增加至少1800万个工作岗位 from the transition to clean energy and an additional 7 million jobs from the circular economy.

Young people around the world will inherit the results of economic decisions being made today, and given the myriad workforce challenges and barriers already facing our youth, 尤其是那些Resources不足的国家, 他们的见解可以帮助塑造一个更光明的未来.


这就是为什么mg游戏的世界, mg游戏的工作 initiative at EDC is responding with a youth-centered approach, advancing workforce development in the new green and blue economy that prioritizes the creation of new jobs (renewable energy, 循环利用和废物回收, and electric vehicle manufacturing) and the greening of existing jobs (climate-smart agriculture, 可持续的渔业, 再生林业, 零售服务, 和制造业).

We will focus on communities 和青年 most impacted by climate change, 了解超本地劳动力市场需求, and provide relevant skills training and entrepreneurship support. We will also deepen connections between 私营部门, 教育机构, 和青年, and ensure youth are central in conversations about the future of work.


  • Concentrating efforts on communities 和青年 whose environments and livelihoods are most impacted by climate change
  • Understanding hyper-local labor market demands and translating national-level labor market assessments into actionable priorities at regional and local levels
  • Providing relevant skills training and entrepreneurship support for youth at all skill levels
  • Deepening connections between 私营部门, 教育机构, 和青年
  • Ensuring youth are central in conversations between government, 私营部门, 公民社会
  • Strengthening youth-led 和青年-serving organizations that can support and mentor the most underserved youth to engage in climate-responsive opportunities
  • Supporting young women who are underrepresented in 阀杆 pathways and occupations
A group of 非洲n First Ladies private sector leaders stand onstage after 巨大的机遇 Panel Discussion

EDC partnered with the First Lady of Kenya Rachel Ruto to host 巨大的机遇, a panel discussion at  the 2023 非洲 Climate Summit.


欲知更多有关 mg游戏的世界,mg游戏的工作:

  • 读了 背景文件 from "巨大的机遇," a September 2023 panel discussion at the 非洲 Climate Summit.
  • 看录音。巨大的机遇," a September 2023 panel discussion at the 非洲 Climate Summit.
  • 查看 表示甲板 亚洲伙伴会议将于2023年4月24日至27日举行. 甲板提供了mg游戏的世界的概述, mg游戏的工作 and the research we have done to date as well as highlighting our regional focus and programming in 亚洲.
  • 请阅读mg游戏的讨论文件, Accelerating Youth Jobs and Inclusive Green Economies: Elements for Reflection and Discussion, which frames the key issues informing the initiative and offers a set of discussion questions related to youth’s participation in the green and blue economy.
  • 读了 要点和下一步 从mg游戏2022年12月在华盛顿召开的会议.C.
  • 下载一个 概述小册子 for more information on the opportunity and challenge, 以及EDC独特的方法和目标.

We envision decent, inclusive, sustainable employment across industries.


就像mg游戏在EDC的所有工作一样, 从心理健康到教育培训, we utilize a systems-strengthening approach that prioritizes youth agency, placing their needs at the center of national and international conversations between key stakeholders, 比如政府, 私营部门, 教育机构, 公民社会. We also work with these institutions to change curriculum, 设计策略, 培训系统领导者, identifying opportunities to strengthen and enhance existing systems and create sustained change for the largest number of youth possible.

作为 mg游戏的世界,mg游戏的工作, EDC advances youth-centered systems-change in the pursuit of green and blue jobs that includes:

  • 绿色青年劳动力市场评估, 青年协助, to better understand the characteristics of the local labor market demand and supply to link trained youth with employment opportunities in green and blue sectors
  • 绿色职业和技能目录 for national education systems and 教育机构 to align curriculum with emerging opportunities
  • 公共和私人的绿蓝青年联盟 to problem-solve and mobilize Resources for green and blue economic growth at the local level
  • 绿色金融工具箱 that gives young entrepreneurs the boost they need to innovate new climate action solutions in high-potential sectors 
“Young people are the most integral part of building and growing the green and blue economy, 但他们需要获得技能, Resources, and networks so that they may effectively contribute. We cannot wait a moment longer to prioritize youth in this transformation, so they can best leverage their skills and shape their futures.”
– Melanie Sany, Director of International Youth Programs at EDC


mg游戏知道,mg游戏无法单独解决这些挑战. This work requires passionate and dedicated partners to share our mission and vision.

通过mg游戏加入mg游戏 报名参加 EDC更新 通讯, where we’ll share analysis and insights from EDC experts, 有关工作和研究的最新消息, 以及与mg游戏合作的机会.